Virtual Boy

Alpha Pup Records in Los Angeles are one of those labels where you can’t help but take notice. Not unlike Ninja Tune or Warped Records, Alpha Pup continues to pump out new and exciting artists and music with each release. One of their latest releases is by two gentleman that go by the name of Virtual Boy. This California based duo brings an interesting listen that is reminiscent of synthy retro movie scores and old Nintendo games. Their EP, Symphony No. None, is a 4 track journey that brings you back to the days of playing the Legend of Zelda as a kid. Unfortunately it leaves you wanting a bit more, but I guess that what an EP is supposed to accomplish for an artist.

Check out their track, “Mass”.

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    DJ Sandman says:

    Freaking cool track! Somehow they take a bunch of lofi sort of cheesy sounds and make them sound warm and beautiful. I dig it!