G-Funk Legend: Nate Dogg – R.I.P.

I never enjoy writing posts like this, but I feel that the hip-hop world has lost an amazing and under-appreciated artist… Nate Dogg was very influential in popular music. It can be argued that he is one of the most important hip-hop singers and collaborators in history. I am lucky that I can say I saw him live in concert twice: Once at the grand opening of Experience Music Project in 2000 and then a couple months later in the Tacoma Dome for the Dr. Dre – Up In Smoke Tour.

Back in November 2009, I attended the Warren G concert at Neumo’s in Seattle. Honestly, it was one of my most favorite hip-hop performances that I have seen in the last few years since he was all about fun, positivity and love of music (a vibe that hip-hop seems to have lost over the years…) During the show, Warren G took the time to make a tribute for his homie Nate Dogg who had just suffered his second major stroke that left him unable to speak, breathing from a tracheotomy tube, and paralyzed over half his body. Nate Dogg has spent the last few years in bad health and his death at an early age is sad. I always hoped that he would recover enough to make a comeback with Dr. Dre in the new Detox. Unfortunately we won’t be able to hear our G-Funk legend sing again…

This playlist landed in my email box earlier today. It seems fitting to revisit many of these songs again. Nate Dogg has quite a collection of work. Please note these songs all contain explicit content and lyrics.