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Foolchild has been an established music talent in Seattle for over 10 years. Thus far, he has had a multi-faceted career as a DJ, producer, manager, promoter, and sound engineer. Known for his love and ability to play multiple genres of music, Foolchild has established a niche with his skills. As a musical artist and DJ for FuzzyLounge Recordings, he has created a name for himself with a number of accomplishments both performing and working behind the scenes on tour and at many shows, events, clubs and venues including Element, W Hotel, EMP Liquid Lounge, Venom, Truth™, Shark Club, and Art Bar to name a few. From 1998-2003, he was a key-founding contributor to the new University of Washington – Rainy Dawg Internet Radio Station. For 3 summers (2002-2004), he performed at the Van’s Warped Tour: “Code of tha Cutz” hip-hop stage captivating audiences and appearing in major cities all along the West Coast and Canada.

As a DJ, Foolchild has had notable experiences as he strives to energize sold out crowds. He has DJed in unique environments such as outside in a snow storm in front of thousands of people or playing tunes while high flying trapeze artists and aerialists twist in the air. He has performed at many private events for multiple corporate clients in the Seattle market as a mobile DJ. Foolchild also has played numerous live shows rocking the stage with such alternative hip-hop acts as Non-Phixion, Q-Unique, P.O.S., Astronautalis and Lifesavas.

On the artist side of things, Foolchild has released a variety of music projects. He has put out an underground Trip-Hop mix set on a double CD entitled Live from Rainy Dawg Radio (2003). In 2004, his first original studio album Beat Collision – Volume 1 (2004) hit the store shelves and the internet. His next project was completing his first movie soundtrack for the short film Beatrix (2005) which was honored at the Hollywood DV festival. In 2006, Foolchild doubled his efforts as he orchestrated two full length album releases in one year – Eastern Parallel – MC Grabs Mic (2006) and Beat Collision – Volume 2: The Mixtape (2006). Meanwhile, his studio project Beat Collision has been contacted and has submitted beats to major record labels such as Eminem’s Shady Records and Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella Records, in addition to other indie labels and artists around the nation.

Over the last few years, Foolchild has taken his time perfecting his style and skills. His attention to detail has been very high despite a laundry list of outside commitments. Foolchild found time for music between being the general manager for one of Seattle’s largest and most popular nightclubs – Element and running the Northwest operations of a national media franchise. In 2007, Foolchild started focusing on his new music business Fuzzy Lounge LLC and directing his efforts to building its brand. Also at this time, his DJ sets started to crossover genres. Foolchild has found a passion and focus with the current new sounds of Dreamwave, Indie Alt Dance, Nu-Disco and Electro House.

With his dedicated hard work and awesome performance style, Foolchild has been and continues to be a positive sound in the music scene. Stay tuned for more!

Date City Venue
12/31 Foolchild in Seattle Emerald City Trapeze