Pearl Project

The song Pearl Project was a music single created by the songwriter Ian Grunfeld (MC Insight) and producer Foolchild. Originally a “Folk Hop” tune performed by Grunfeld’s band Joe Gould’s Secret, the 2 artists collaborated and gave it a new trip hop treatment when they both worked at the Experience Music Project (EMP) in Seattle, WA. The song went through different variations and was finished in the Fuzzy Lounge – Green Room Studios with Jasmine Riley lending her vocals to the work. Eventually the finished piece was released as one of the main singles for the Beat Collision, Volume 1 album.

Written by Ian Grunfeld and Jason Axtman
Produced by Foolchild
Co-Produced by MC Insight
Vocals by Jasmine Riley
Scratches by Foolchild & Krazy K.

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