vol 2: The Mix Tape

The beginning of 2007 saw the release of Beat Collision’s newest album of original material. Beat Collision: Volume 2: The Mixtape expands from the group’s first album by containing more songs, introducing more artists, and prominently featuring the producers Foolchild and Krazy K. DJ mixing their own music.

Beat Collision: Volume 2: The Mixtape continues to focus on the collective Hip-Hop sound. Throughout the mix, the listener will hear how these DJ/Producers weave together various Hip-Hop styles such as Turntablism, Club, Folk-Hop, and R&B.

This album again involves Beat Collision collaborating with new and upcoming Seattle musicians, but also branches out to include new artists from Sweden, New York, and Hawaii.

The acclaimed artists continue to expose the listener to fresh styles of music while re-introducing artists from the first album such as Chris Hayward on the stand out track “Amaze Me.”

Beat Collision: Volume 2: The Mixtape capitalizes on the popular music trend of mixtapes. They bring back the underground sound and grassroots movement, yet the music has a much more polished and mainstream feel.