Sandman Theory Album Preview

I have been cooking up a full length trip hop album! It’s finally getting finished after ten long years. Many songs feature some very fine Seattle talent. I decided to put out a short preview of five songs from the album on SoundCloud. Stay tuned to my YouTube to see some of the studio sessions as I wrap up the last few tracks. Enjoy.

Element Seattle

In 2004, Fuzzy Lounge and friends, founded the Element nightclub in Seattle. Our weekly Friday parties included some of the most well-known DJ talent to Seattle, including Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Sasha, John Digweed, Darude, and many more.

This February will mark the 10 year anniversary of the closing of Element Seattle, we’d like to celebrate by offering up some of the great memories we had there. We’ll be releasing a weekly DJ mix on our mixcloud page, we hope it brings back some good memories for you as well.

-Fuzzy Lounge crew

Dota 2 – Sonic Boom Bootleg

Remix of some tasty Dota 2 music. Free Download.

Download available on Soundcloud
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DJ Sandman – Progress (2002) by Dj Sandman on Mixcloud

Continuing the series of my mix tapes from the past I have added DJ Sandman – Progress. This was my first official mix CD that was in print and pretty popular in the Seattle trance scene. It is a nice mixture of progressive, trance, and progressive breaks.

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Cybernation 2K

DJ Sandman – Cybernation 2K (2000) by Dj Sandman on Mixcloud

With the help of Foolchild I found my DJ mix from 2000. This has been my most requested DJ mix over the years. Somewhat due to the limited copies that were made along with the unique Cyber Trance style it represents from the rave scene of in the early 2000’s. Hope you enjoy it!

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